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GameNight Productions aims to change not only communities across the U.S. – we want every school in the country to reap the benefits that our program offers.


Ways to Give

Your support and contributions will enable us to Build Communities Through Athletics. Your generous donation will fund this mission. We don’t want to presume to know what your personal giving goals are or presume you don’t want to be a part of our campaign launch. We want to offer you the opportunity to give and be our partner.

One Time Gifts

Gifts of cash usually come to GameNight Productions in the form of a personal or business check. Some donors may use credit cards, although GameNight Productions does incur 3-4% in fees on every credit transaction. Gifts of appreciated securities (shares of stock, mutual funds or other marketable securities are examples) are another means of making a gift that can be used immediately.

Gifts of real and other property are often beneficial to GameNight Productions. Some property gifts can be used in programs, such as equipment, vehicles, and supplies. Carefully planned real estate gifts can be valuable immediately or in the long term.


Most donors will choose to make gifts over several years. A pledge is a formal declaration of intent to contribute. Some donors fulfill their pledges over a short timeframe. Others make payments over 3 years.

Appreciated Securities

A gift of long-term securities has two major advantages: 1) it provides the donor with an immediate income tax deduction and 2) eliminates capital gains taxes to the extent allowed by law.

Closely Held Stock

A gift of closely held stock to GameNight Productions may result in a current income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock as well as elimination of capital gains taxes on the appreciated value of the stock. Your financial advisors can provide more information.

Planned Giving

Planned gift arrangements have specific tax advantages and often include lifetime income to the donor and beneficiary(ies) named by the donor. A planned gift maximizes your giving potential and can even allow you to ensure future financial security for yourself and your loved ones.

Retirement Accounts

Naming GameNight Productions as beneficiary of a retirement account is an easy way to make a substantial gift and to eliminate situations in which a distribution results in tax consequences.

Real Estate

You may give a residence, land, income property or other real estate to GameNight Productions as an outright gift or with the right to occupy the property for your lifetime. The gift of a remainder interest in a personal residence, farm or other building provides a current income tax deduction for the present value of the remainder interest. It also permits the donor to eliminate capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

Tangible Personal Property

By giving personal property such as artwork, rare books, or antiques, you may receive desirable tax deductions. The allowable deduction will require a qualified appraisal.


The gift of a life insurance policy to GameNight Productions provides you with a charitable contribution of the present cash surrender value. Premiums paid after the transfer are tax-deductible if you wish to maintain the policy value but transfer ownership.


Providing for GameNight Productions in your will may enable you to make a substantial contribution without diminishing assets you may need during your lifetime. Bequests are deductible from the value of your estate which may result in a significant tax advantage.

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust is a method of funding a gift to GameNight Productions over a specific period of years. Income is paid to GameNight Productions each year during the life of the lead trust. When the trust terminates, the assets revert to you or to a beneficiary you choose.

Charitable Remainder Trust

An irrevocable trust may be used to provide annual income to you or a loved one at either a fixed or variable rate. A portion of the trust qualifies for an immediate tax deduction. At death of the last income beneficiary, the assets in the trust are distributed to GameNight Productions to be used as the donor has designated. Please consult your tax advisor regarding how this may benefit you.

Honoring Important People In Your Life

Your gift may be used to honor a family member, friend, colleague, pastor, or other community leader — someone who has made a difference in your life or in the life of our community. Many people make gifts to commemorate a business or special occasion.

*I understand this commitment may be changed or canceled at any time, if circumstances require, by informing the organization in writing. All gifts are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes to the extent allowed by law. Thank you.

Discover More Ways to Help

We can do more for our youth and our communities when we work hand in hand. Let us discuss with you the different ways you can help our nonprofit organization. Get in touch with our team today.